Who We Are

The Te Tiare Association (“TTA”) was set up to bring together LGBTI people in the Cook Islands together to help nurture, strengthen and educate this important sector of our community.  TTA is the only LGBTI community group in the Cook Islands, and its overarching vision is “To Lead our own Destinies”.

  • TTA was formally incorporated as a society in November 2007 and officially launched in June 2008.
  • Currently, have 62 registered members and 50 friends of the Association Governed by our Constitution and guided by our Te Tiare Strategy 2014-2019.


  • Leading our own destinies
  • To lead our destinies peacefully and with dignity;
  • To embrace our culture with pride and joy;
  • To respect our differences and celebrate our similarities;
  • To give to our society with generosity and receive with humility; and
  • To ask for understanding and the freedom to lead meaningful lives.


President: Shaniqua Ngaoire
Vice President: Regina Potini
Secretary: Valery Wichman
Assistant Secretary: Rabsa Aitoa
Treasurer: Teautoa Peua
Assistant treasurer: Tupe Tamatoa

2 Cultural representatives

National Representative- Regina Potini
International Representative- Angelese Armstrong

Patron & Patroness of Te Tiare Association

Hon. Mr Nadie Glassie
Mrs Tuaine Marsters