Te Tiare Submission Speaker 2 – Tuaine Masters script – 24 July 2017


Te Tiare Association

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24 July 2017  9.15am


AUDIENCE with the Select Committee on the Amendment to the Crimes Act 1969

Kia orana tatou katoatoa I teia  popongi.

Meitaki maata no te ariki mai ia matou te au Metua kia piri mai I te turu I ta matou anau no to ratou oraanga kia maru no te tuatau ki mua.

The Bill in its current revised form is the first crucial step in giving protection, comfort and strength to the LGBTQI community or the Rainbow community.

Te turanga ote PIRA I akanoo ia I teianei I te akaatea ia anga teia nga tuanga e rua, s153 and s154, kua riro teia e kote takaianga mua no te paruru, te oronga I te ngakau papu e te akamaroiroi ki ta matou anau Tamaroa e te tamaine.

Our children in the LGBTQI or rainbow association did not CHOOSE the way they are living, the way they behave, the way they want to give love or to receive love.  They are born with these aptitudes, talents or behaviours.  In other words they are born the way they are; I know because I am a mother who brought into this world a child belonging to this category of beautiful children, beautiful people created by God in his own image.

When my son was growing up I was always there to protect him from the all verbal, physical abuse, mistreatment, mishandling, misunderstanding from the community.  Luckily my son has two brothers and a sister to protect him when they go out at night.  Often, I receive phone calls regarding brawls involving my sons and all because my son was called abusive names.  Image if all other families with LGBTQI relations choose physical attacks as a way to say ‘leave us alone’ what a chaotic nation Cook Islands would be.

The Bill as it stands now, again, is a crucial first step in providing protection, comfort and strength to the rainbow community.

We, the parents, are very, very sure in our minds and hearts the support that you the respected law makers of this nation give to the Bill, will support the development of this nation into a prosperous and peaceful country.

Allow us parents to go to our graves knowing that there is protection for our great grandson’s great grand daughters because we are not around to offer them the physical protection as we are doing for our sons and daughter – because the law is their protection.

Kia orana, te Atua te aroa no tatou katoatoa.

Mrs Tuaine Masters.