Te Tiare Association 2018 Calendar of Events

Day Agenda Comments
February 14th 2018 5pm TTA exec meeting TTA HQ Ruatonga
March 7th 2018 5pm TTA AGM and Elections TTA HQ Ruatonga (bring a plate)
March 8th 2018 International Women’s Day Let’s do a walk
March 17th 2018 TTA  “BURN” Day Chance to voice concerns and burn any issues you have
March 23rd 2018 Crime Bill Submissions close
March 30th 2018 Good Friday
March 31st 2018 Transgender day and recruitment Drive Details to be sent soon.
April 2nd 2018 Easter Monday
April 14th– 15th 2018 ILGA Oceania Conference Check website to apply
April 25th 2018 ANZAC Day Morning service
April 26th 2018 Lesbian Day Calling for all lesbians to help in planning this day
May 5th 2018 5pm-8pm TTA CV workshop If you want to put a cv together or have your one checked
May 17th 2018 IDAHOT
May 26th 2018 Community day Selected community event
June 4th 2018 Queen’s Birthday Celebration
July 6th 2018 Ra O Te Ui Ariki Kai Maori
August 4th 2018 Constitution Day Celebration
October 11th 2018 Mizz Jewel (TBC)
October 26th 2018 National Gospel Day
November 20th 2018 Transgender day of Remembrance Kaikai and light candles
December 1st 2018 World Aids Day Event to be organised
December 3rd 2018 Disability Day
December 8th 2018 TTA End of year thanksgiving dinner Dinner (tbc)
December 10th 2018 Human Rights Day
December 25th 2018 Christmas day
December 26th 2018 Boxing day

Note: Our TTA meeting will be held on the 15th of each month starting from March 2018